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E3 Solutions, LLC

At its core, E3 Solutions strives to bring engagement and education tools to the employee benefit marketplace. In this ever-changing insurance environment, employees require more information than ever as they navigate benefit options for themselves and their families.

We believe that employee engagement and education is most effective when there is a professional interaction between human beings.   “Self Service” enrollment methods are becoming more popular these days, but we trust there is another, more engaging and less expensive solution.

Our Benefit Center is staffed by our professional Benefit Advocates and they are standing by to help employees make educated decisions about their benefit options.

E3 Solutions – Built to enhance the enrollment experience for employers and employees.


By providing the right products and communication, E3 leads the paradigm shift to make the enrollment process in voluntary benefits much easier for employers and employees.

•  With the growth of high deductible, health plans and higher out-of-pocket expenses, the time is right to introduce voluntary benefits as an enhancement to core benefits.

•   ACA has left many employers confused and many employees concerned. Providing access to a multitude of necessary and compliant product choices for employees is a key objective of E3. And, making it easy for both the employer and employee is our #1 priority.

•  Voluntary Benefits have historically been an “afterthought”, while employees have a need for many of the offerings… at no cost to the employer.

•  E3 is an independent firm focused on providing employers and employees with an amazingly simple employee engagement process!


By providing the appropriate information and education, E3 transforms the longstanding broker and employer view of voluntary products to that of necessary benefits.

•  E3 provides turnkey support of all aspects of voluntary benefit sales and service. •  E3 provides relevant solutions that are proven and effective for current market conditions and employer objectives.

•  E3 advances the understanding and appreciation of voluntary benefits and their value to both employers and employees. •  E3 offers clients clarity, resulting in enhanced product and service offerings for their businesses.

•  E3 is a new process of educating employees more effectively!


Led and staffed by employees with decades of employee benefits experience and proven success in the voluntary arena, E3 will help employers fashion voluntary products and services as a complement to their existing core benefit programs.

•  Flexible and varied enrollment options that best meet the needs of employees.

•  Subsequent year enrollments that provide the products and services many years after initial enrollment.


•  Improved open enrollment process with enhanced employee benefits at no additional cost to the employer

•  Increased core and voluntary plan participation levels

•  Increased employee understanding and appreciation of their benefits

•  Increased employee morale and retention

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